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Which mode would I configure my 2x ET12's (wired by eth) from my main AX89 Router?

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So my main router is an AX89 and I have 2x ET12's down the line. I'm confused at which setting I should set my ET12's up on. What's the difference?


AP, Repeater, and AImesh all seem like the same to me.

I'm looking for a zero handoff like mesh network throughout my property
None of the above.

Perform a full reset to factory defaults on the nodes, then go to your main router and add them to AiMesh.

Do not touch the GUI on the nodes at all after fully resetting them.
That's good to know -

I can't figure out how the wifi networks work, The AX89 has wifi 6 but the ET12's have Wifi 6e? Are those two completely different SSIDs and networks?
The main router will propagate its settings to the nodes. It will be one network (unless you use Guest Network 1, which will be on its own). The SSIDs don't give you a different network, on their own.
My concern is that the Wifi 6 is going to mess with the 6E and vice versa.

Wi-Fi 6 is on 5GHz band, Wi-Fi 6E is on 6GHz band. For less mess disable Smart Connect.

Which is my phone going to connect to?

For a phone it doesn't matter. It with work equally well connected to either band. You don't need 6E if you ask me.

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