WIFI DHCP issue with RT-88U

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I am not sure if anyone experience this but we have a RT-88U at a client's office that being uses as a WIFI access point.
For some reason, it can't distribute DHCP IPs to anyone that connected to this AP, it would get a 169.254 IP address.
The only way we could get it to work for a short term was to change the SSID name such as "OFFICE_WIFI" to "OFFICE_WIFI1" which fixes it for it seems to not last and requires a name change again. Renaming from OFFICE_WIFI1 to OFFICE_WIFI back doesn't fix it either.
Rebooting the device doesn't work either as I can only manually assign IP address on the device network settings.
Anyone experience this or know what causes this?
I just installed the latest firmware yesterday to see if it resolves it as previous it was using I believe.

DHCP is disabled on this router and is being distributed by the office firewall. All wired equipment gets IPs without a issue.


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Is it running in AP mode? It should be.
Is it connected via its WAN port to the main LAN (where the DHCP server is)? It should be.

It should be a case of;
Factory reset
Change to AP mode
Set IP of the AP to static in the main LAN subnet but outside of the DHCP range for easy maintenance (unless you want to give it’s MAC a reservation via the main DHCP server in the LAN).
Set SSID/password as you prefer (matching the existing if you want as seamless as possible roaming)
And that’s it

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Yes it set to AP mode and set on the LAN port.

I had reset it previously a few months ago but since no one been in the office, no one really using it until now due to the pandemic.. Not sure if i should try resetting it again as I have a user reporting "no network when connecting". I went and upgraded the firmware again and reboot this router so I have to wait until then to investigate but the issue described above is what I saw first time around.


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It should be on the WAN port, not the LAN port. :)


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It should be on the WAN port, not the LAN port. :)
Hmm. I never used the WAN port when using a router as a AP without DHCP enabled on it. The AP right now has a static ip and seems fine. It just stops working after a while from what I gathered. I never had this issue with similar router like this one in the past such as the nighthawks which we use as access point as well.

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