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Need help with a bad DHCP issue!!!!

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I have an Asus GT-AXE16000 running merlin firmware and when a device discovers an IP address the router offers one but then when it requests the IP it's a different IP address. The log looks like this.

Jan 23 16:12:37 dnsmasq-dhcp[20761]: DHCPDISCOVER(br0) 1c:ca:1c:02:89:a7

Jan 23 16:12:37 dnsmasq-dhcp[20761]: DHCPOFFER(br0) 1c:ca:1c:02:89:a7

Jan 23 16:12:37 dnsmasq-dhcp[20761]: DHCPREQUEST(br0) 1c:ca:1c:02:89:a7

Jan 23 16:12:37 dnsmasq-dhcp[20761]: DHCPNAK(br0) 1c:ca:1c:02:89:a7 wrong server-ID

The IP is the same for every device.
Could you please provide more details about your setup? Where is your router connected and how, what ISP, etc. What devices are requesting this IP address? It appears to be T-Mobile network IP. Something is definitely wrong, but perhaps not the DHCP server on your router.
Sounds like your Sprint/T-Mobile modem/router is in bridge mode and is serving your public IP to your router. How is your asus connected to it?
I have an Asus GT-AXE16000 running the current merlin firmware. I am connected to the internet using TMHI.
Everyone in my family is very happy with this configuation. Need more details on your setup and maybe add a signature too..
I have a T-Mobile Sagemcomm Router. As far as I know, there is no way to set it to bridge mode.
The best you can do is turn off the WiFi radios. And this requires a script - can’t be done by the T-Mobile app.

I have the Sagemcomm conneced to the WAN port on an AX58U. Has it’s own SSID and different subnet.

Works fine.
There is a app called "HINT Control" that I run on my iPhone and it allows much more control of the T-Modem.
The App is Free. No need for scripts. You are correct this can't be done with the native T-Mobile App.
HINT Control is a great app - anyone using T-Mobile 5G routers should have it.

I made a mini version that runs on Asuswrt-merlin. tmo.sh

I mainly use it for cases where the WAN speed drops to almost 0. Like evening when there are lots of mobile devices and home users keeping the radio towers busy.

I found that by rebooting the T-Mobile router, I could often get back to reasonable speeds - rather then waiting a few hours.

I have a small script that checks spdMerlin’s results and calls “tmo.sh reboot” if the download speed drops below 20 Mbit.
Works 90% of the time.
Of course, the reboot time of the Sagemcomm router is quite long.
(now I know where all those 8 bit microprocessors went from the 70’s. ;-)

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