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Will this firmware support shadowsocket?

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Ask, how do I install and use shadowsocket on my router?

I don't think so.

This is what my 'Features' looks like in the RT-AC3100 384.10 (Final) in the GUI in Tools Sysinfo:

2.4G 5G HTTPS PARENTAL2 WIFI_LOGO alexa amas app appnet bcmwifi bwdpi cfg_sync cloudcheck cloudsync dblog diskutility dnsfilter dnssec dualwan email eula hdspindown ifttt ipsec_srv ipv6 ipv6pt lacp letsencrypt manual_stb media meoVoda modem movistarTriple mssid mumimo nandflash nfsd openvpnd optimize_xbox pptpd printer psta pwrctrl realip reboot_schedule repeater rog rrsut smart_connect snmp ssh stainfo switchctrl tcode timemachine tor update usbX2 user_low_rssi usericon utf8_ssid vpnc webdav wifi_tog_btn wl6 wtfast

I don't see shadowsocket in there.
shadow socks won’t be added to this firmware in future but you could contact ASUS directly to request they build the feature in stock firmware so then it might get copied over.
maybe an Entware thing rather than an Asus thing...

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