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Wireless Scheduler GUI broken on

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I have ASUS RT-AX3000 running on firmware I decided to use the functionality of Wireless Scheduler for my 5 Ghz band. So accordingly, I logged from laptop into the admin console of the router. I am using Windows 11 and Edge browser. So I logged into the administration portal and navigated to Wireless section. Then I clicked on the Professional tab and enabled the Wireless Scheduler radio button by clicking on Yes. The Time Scheduling hyperlink showed up which I clicked on. There starts the fun. The GUI of this page is broken and it wont show up properly. worst of all , this issue is present in Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox. I had then checked the following thread to see how the screen should appear and found that the GUI is not showing up correctly in my router.

https://www.asus.com/in/support/FAQ/1043425/ [Method 2]

The GUI of Time Scheduling as seen on my browser is the following. notice how the GUI is not loading properly in this firmware version.

I also have ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX6000 where this functionality works like charm and the GUI loads perfectly fine.

Can anyone check and confirm if they have the same issue and is there any workaround to the same ?


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