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Aimesh AX11000 + GT AC5300

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New Around Here
good evening dear community, I would like you to be able to guide me to try to configure my Aimesh in the best way, I will share with you how I have set the options and if you can tell me what would be right or what would really be wrong.
The idea is to be able to squeeze as much as I can from these equipments, I'm from Argentina from a province called Chaco and in my house the maximum speed that arrives is 600 MB
of which would be 600 down and 30 up.
My GT-AC5300 Node is only connected via WiFi. I share my options

2.4 SETTINGS.png

5.1 SETTINGS.png
Welcome to the forums.

The only thing I see in a quick scan that looks like a definite mistake is that you have 802.11ax disabled on the 5GHz-2 radio. I can't imagine a good reason for doing that --- if you have equipment that's not capable of AX operation, you want to keep it off your high-bandwidth channel, not dumb down the channel. So personally, I'd not only enable that, but set that radio's Wireless Mode to AX only. (Perhaps do that on 5GHz-1 too, depending on what client equipment you have.)

Other than that, these are pretty aggressive settings that essentially assume you live in a WiFi desert, with no close neighbors or airport radar to contend with. Maybe that's fine for you; are you having any actual problems?
I would like you to be able to guide me to try to configure my Aimesh in the best way

A little warning about this router combination coming from @lindros2:


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