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Unable to block internet access to a client: RT-AC1900U / RT-AC68U

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I have just bought an asus AC1900U to substitute my provider router (Moivistar, triple VLAN config).
I'm very happy with it. Amazing wifi reach and speed, and I love the UI. And configured very easily.

I only have one problem that I can't understand.

From clients (either in web access or Asus app), I try to block internet access to one client (a cellphone or a smart tv for example).

I slide the control (Block internet access), click apply, but nothing happens. It appears an earth globe with a red nope sign across, but all devices can merrily access internet as nothing happens (I test it with wifi).

I have tried hundreds of times with no success. Even after a reboot.

Am I missing something? I've read across internet and it seems that this enough to block a client. No other setting needed. But maybe there is an extra setting to get it.

Now, some information about versions.

My asus router asked for update and get the version.
After the update I performed a hard reset and full reconfiguration (wps button on, power on some seconds)

I realize that there are newer versions: https://www.asus.com/Networking/RT-AC1900U/HelpDesk_BIOS/

But reading all changelogs between this version and mine, there is nothing related to this issue. So I am sceptical that it can fix it.

My approach to updates is that I only upgrade if there it sure to fix something I need. If everything is ok I don't update. I have suffered a lot bad updates in a lot of devices (not Asus but in general). Fix one thing, break two and also bigger. And then you wish you never did.

A last thing. I realize that AC1900U is exactly the same as a Rt68U:

And also all FW files in asus web are exactly the same MD5 for both Ac1900U and Ac68U.

I point out this just in case a RT68U can share its experience since RT1900u seems to be less popular and extended...

Thanks a lot!

There was some extra info in the asus firmware section.
And a later version has:

- Fixed block internet access problem when clients connected to AiMesh node

I am not using aimesh but probably this is the issue...

I'll try then...


Version 2019/09/0440.08 MBytes

ASUS RT-AC1900U Firmware version
Security fix
- Fixed a DDoS vulnerability. Thanks for Altin Thartori's contribution.

- Fixed EU 5GHz SSID disappear problems in EU model.
- Fixed Network map client list issues.
- Fixed block internet access problem when clients connected to AiMesh node
- Fixed Samba server compatibility issue.
- Fixed OpenVPN related bugs.
- Fixed schedule reboot bugs.
- Improved AiMesh compatibility.
- Improved system stability.

Please unzip the firmware file first then check the MD5 code.
MD5: 5afa4e16025a03239817d36c1604c04d
They are the same, only different naming. Even an RT-AC66U_B1 ist same hardware in 66U housing.
Updates are for security reasons too, not only for fixing bugs.
You should try Merlin firmware! It may solve your issues.

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