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  1. J

    Device all of a sudden is assigning itself a 169.254 IP address when coming out of standby

    RT-AC86u • Merlin 386.12_4 • AMTM 4.1 • Diversion 5.0 • Skynet • ScMerlin I’m having an issue with my Apple TV. It started sometime after installing 386.12_4 (but I can’t say for sure that the issue related to that, or merely coincidence. I don’t think it began immediately after that...
  2. W

    Solved Solved (for me): WiFi issues and/or crashes with Merlin on RT-AC86U

    With all of your help - THANK YOU - and a lot of careful A/B testing (where A was Asus firmware and B was Merlin) I can now confirm, that my router has been completely stable for 24 days now without a crash, WiFi failing, running out of memory or over temperature: Firmware: Merlin 386.12_4...
  3. W

    Long shot: Anyone with WiFi issues on 386.10, 386.11 and 386.12.1/2/3/4 running Home Assistant?

    From watching threads here - and my own careful testing, we know this: 1. A number of folk have WiFi issues - typically 2.4Ghz with it either appearing to fail or allow no further connections until the router is power-cycled. 2. To avoid the issue, some folk run a script that reboots their...
  4. C

    RT-AX86U crashed,using 386.3_2,Maybe because of vpn?

    Model ax86u, merlin 386.3_2 I just bought this router and used it for a few days. I deployed nginx based on entware on it. And I use IPSec VPN frequently so that I can access the home network from outside. But since I bought this AX86U, sometimes the router will restart, especially when I use...
  5. D

    uiScribe Finding Crash Log with Scribe?

    Hi, My router is crashing, and after days spent trying to diagnose, I am at a loss, what I thought were crash logs, were just system logs.... however I am unable to find the crash log. I have Scribe installed but on the system log it says: Log file will display here. If you are seeing this...
  6. P

    RT AC86U Spontaneously Started Crashing on 386.2_4

    Hi, I have been running 386.2_4 on my AC86U for around a week with no issues. Then suddenly last night around 11:30pm it crashed and rebooted. Proceeded to do this a further 4 times over an hour period. Seemed to be fine overnight but it has just happened again. I have looked at the System Log...
  7. H

    Asus XT8 crash

    Hi, I have a couple of XT8's and in 2 days i've had 2 crashes without touching anything on the router. The router crashes, changes the date to May 5 and restarts ?! Log (removed the mac addresses): Apr 1 11:19:45 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(537): eth4: ReAssoc status: Successful (0)...
  8. M

    RT-AX88U UI crashing when looking at network maps or AiMesh

    Just this afternoon, when I login to the web interface on my RT-AX88U I can get it to crash in a couple of ways. 1st if I click the "View List" on the network map page, it will display an empty list, then my browser says the page is slow. After a few seconds more it displays the client list...
  9. rcoo

    AX92U randomly drops connection

    Hi everyone, I recently got a new Asus AX92U. It is connected to a Fritzbox router, which doesn't establish an internet connection but allows the Asus Router to do so. There are no error logs on the Fritzbox. The Asus router, however, every once in a while, loses all connection. All network...
  10. S

    RAM full, Wifi crash, what can I do?

    Hi! While using Skype for video conferences my AC86U's Wifi keeps crashing atfer some time - sometimes it takes half an hour, sometimes only a few minutes. Wifi is gone then, neither my laptop or the smartphone can find the SSID anymore. I have to plug out and in the router to make the Wifi...
  11. S

    RT-AC86U - 384.16 - Frequent Crashes - Please Help

    Hi, Could really use some help/guidance here please. I recently purchased an RT-AC86U over the weekend and had frequent crashes (at least 2X a day). Thanks, appreciate the help in advance. Let me know if there's anything else I can provide to better assist. --- Setup: RT-AC86U = Main...
  12. Bandito

    ZenWifi XT8 AX Access Problem

    Recently, I’ve had to reboot the XT8 router a couple of times. The first time, about a week ago, the system stopped broadcasting all of a sudden. I rebooted just the router and everything came back up and has been stable until today. I checked the logs for this first event and there were a...
  13. N

    384.15 WAN connection crashed

    Hi I updated to 384.15 yesterday and installed the following great addons using amtm. Diversion Skynet FreshJR YazFi Connmon SpdMerlin UiDivStats (Entware) This evening suddenly the WAN connection dropped out. I checked with people having the same ISP in the neighborhood first and they had no...
  14. Marsi4eg

    AC66U crashes and reboots itself when Android phone connects to its Wifi

    I've got a new phone (HTC U12 +) and ran into a very strange problem - very often (not always, more likely after wifi module on the phone goes off and then back on) when connecting the phone to the AC66U network, on both ranges, it does not matter 5 or 2.4 GHz, router goes into reboot. Never...
  15. I

    RT-N66U 5ghz drops randomly

    The 5ghz AP disappears for a random time. Guest networks and 2.4ghz are not affected. I checked with my phone and wifi analyzer when the 5ghz disappears its completely not visible under any channel of the 5ghz range. I had this with the original Asus firmware and with Merlins. I've reset my...
  16. amigoccs

    A diary to solve Asus RT-AC1200G+ reboot and unstable wireless issue

    Hi All, Whether your RT-AC1200G+ crash today? I bought RT-AC1200G+ on 2017/3/10. It has several reboot randomly. I try to disable some features to skip from the bug and write Asus RT-AC1200G+ Random Reboots Automatically to keep track of it. On 2017/5/7, PawelW leave a message in my post to...
  17. Smith6612

    RT-AC87U / R Kernel Panic with Dual WAN

    Hello! Since setting up dual WAN on the ASUS RT-AC87U, I have noticed a situation where the router will Kernel Panic at random, whenever one of the WAN connections drops out. I can reproduce the issue if I unplug one of the WAN connections from the router, usually on the first or second...