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  1. S

    Help me with my Decade long battle with coverage

    Hello, Im wondering if anyone can help me with my decade long battle with internet coverage. My biggest limitation is that cables are not allowed to be used across the house (It would make it look "shapeless", otherwise Id buy Access point). I uploaded two images one of my current step up...
  2. S

    [HELP] RT-AX86U has WiFi with spoofed MAC, no Ethernet

    So, unfortunately my first post on this forum will amount mostly to a long-winded description of me floundering to pump the life back into this router for the past 6 hours, but bear with me, because I’ve reached my wit’s end and I Really need the help at this point. Disclaimer: I am fully aware...
  3. S

    GT-AC_2900 acceleration option

    Hello merlin crew: I just got the GT-AC2900, works great, but I can't seem to get my fios rated speeds 940mbps, it tops out at 840mbps. On another forum I've been advised to try the options to disable CTF/Flow Cache and FA/Runner, searching around the images on this forum, these options are...
  4. J

    DNScrypt DNSCrypt and NextDNS

    Hello everyone! I am not sure if this has been asked as I looked into the forums before posting and most likely I might have missed it. But would anyone be able to assist me setting up DNSCrypt together with my NextDNS account using amtm? I think I read somewhere that v2 version of DNSCrypt...
  5. O

    I may have a silly question regarding VPN and XT8 - please be nice

    Okay - so I've been playing with OpenVPN on my XT8 router. I posted some questions on Reddit, but this may be the better place to post - since you guys are experts :) So a little bit about me: - I live in USA - I have a XT8 router in Mesh mode (with another XT8). - I use the Mac eco system...
  6. gspannu

    [Help] DNS Forwarding, User scripts, Launching at startup

    Some help needed in creating scripts and firewall rules… Requirement: R1) I wish to run my own dnsproxy server at port 53535 (installed at /jiffs/dnsproxy/dnsproxy). This is a opensource software available on Gthub known as dnsproxy. I have tested this on the Asus Router and it has been running...
  7. I

    amtm Can't install amtm on AC3200

    Hi, I'm not able to install amtm on my AC3200 running Merlin 384.13_10. I was stuck on 3.18 with an error about not being able to update it, so I did a factory reset of my AC3200, and set up my router again to try to install amtm. I'm still getting errors about the download failed. The weird...
  8. S

    Help to set up dnsmasq step by step

    Hi guys & gals, love the continued work on the project it’s awesome to see to such a good community around geeky stuff. Anyway could someone please advise step by step how to set up dnsmasq for Merlin now from what I’ve read online is setting the LAN DNS and WINS server to router IP will have...
  9. A

    2.4GHZ wifi and WAN not working after update

    Wanted to update my AC-88U router to the latest merlin release, it was working as an AIMESH node but it didn't want to update the normal way, so I tried updating via SSH following this guide: After I did that the router 2.4GHZ didn't work and I can't get internet access with it. I tried...
  10. T

    C6300v2 Troubleshooting

    How's it going folks. I was wondering if you could provide any recommendations as for the next step to take with this problem: When setting up my Google home devices (4 cameras, TV, Hub, Doorbell, 2 speakers) my Wifi signal tanked and began to oscillate. (See attached). It continued to do this...
  11. P

    RT-AX88U Thoughts

    I’m looking to purchase an Asus router and move to their AIMesh and wanted to purchase an RT-AX88U as mentioned. It appears getting an RT-AX86U is difficult right now for a good price but still may purchase one later to become the router. I’m looking to replace my NETGEAR R7800. With that...
  12. John DeLuca

    Unbound Unbound_Manager Reboot Issue

    Hello I currently have unbound set up as both my ipv4 and ipv6 DNS address, i have this set up by having the ip of my router being the ipv4/6 dns addresses. An issue i keep having is if I have things set up like this and the system reboots for any reason (I have been having power outages lately)...
  13. H

    I can not stream! I have 1200Mb DL and 40Mb UL. When I run a game the speeds drop by 99%. What is happening ? Please help

    Fellow IT professional here. Found this website today when I was looking up optimizations for gaming and streaming. I have no idea what is happening with my network. I have two networks at my house. One for my family and all their devices. Then I have my own private network. I only have ONE...
  14. SignedAdam

    Modem Bridge with AX11000 Advice

    Looking to buy a modem I can Bridge with my AX11000, so far I've come across two that have catched my eye ASUS DSL N16 & or ZyXEL VMG1312 Obviously I love flashing open source firmware on my stuff however I...
  15. B

    RT-AC68P & FiOS: WAN dropouts on 386.x

    Just wondering if there's been any progress on the WAN dropouts issue some of us have been having on 386? FiOS ONT -> RT-AC68P (router) + 2x RT-AC68U (nodes). With the router on 384.19 everything is rock solid. This is true even after updating the nodes to a few different 386 firmwares...
  16. octopus

    Solved Need som help to choose tun inteface

    I'm strugeling with this and can't get it working. Is there som smart guy's have any suggestion? I'm trying to choose different "tun" inteface to send my mail on. eg. route-up on "tun11" and route-pre-down on "tun13" (have both running) But it seems only one tun interface is used (tun11). This...
  17. I

    Asus OpenVPN Server not connecting

    Hi, Having an issue with the OpenVPN server not connecting. When I reboot the router I am able to login with the VPN connection and after I close the connection for the first time I am not able to connect a second time. I also am noticing a shady IP address that I do not recognize in the VPN...
  18. M

    RT-AX86U Need advice (Very new to the world of routers)

    Hey! very new to the world of ASUS routers. Virgin media WiFi was not cutting it at all in the bedroom(in a flat and the wall between the living room and bedroom hit the signal hard) brought a RT-AX86U as per the reviews saying how good it is. (Also brought a RT-AX88U but deciding if to set it...
  19. rcoo

    AX92U randomly drops connection

    Hi everyone, I recently got a new Asus AX92U. It is connected to a Fritzbox router, which doesn't establish an internet connection but allows the Asus Router to do so. There are no error logs on the Fritzbox. The Asus router, however, every once in a while, loses all connection. All network...
  20. F

    Need help with choosing an AiMesh router

    Hey everyone! I am currently using the RT-AC5300 for 4 years now but I have an issue with the range. From the router to my room, there are 2 walls and the network or WiFi strength is quite bad. I am thinking of getting another ASUS router to setup as a mesh/node. Any recommendations?