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  1. M

    VPN Setup issues

    Hi! I have read up on several guides for setting up a VPN on mu ASUSMerlin router. But im still having the issue that not my whole network goes threw the vpn only my computer and not the phone and everything else connected to the network. - Basically I want it to be setup as my superb editing...
  2. K

    [RT-AC86U] How to disassemble it - LAN port 2 not working

    Hello. I have a RT-AC86U that I recently discovered that the 2nd LAN port is not working. Unfortunaly, my warranty expired 10 days ago so it seens I will have to (eventually) fix it myself. Everything else that I've tested for now has worked. The other LAN ports are okay, as well as the wifi...
  3. T

    RT-AC88U Lost top 4 ports

    Hi, I updated to the latest version of Asus Merlin (384.17) and lost the top 4 LAN ports, port 5-8. When I go to Tools -> Sysinfo and scroll down to the Port list it says this : Port VLAN Link State Last Device Seen WAN 2 1000 Full Duplex 00:00:00:00:00:00 LAN 1...
  4. d1t

    ASUS RT-AX88U drops connection every 5-20mins for 5s-2mins.

    When this happens my upload traffic spikes up to 90-300Mb/s. WRT-Merlin is not the issue here, it was installed to try and fix the issue. Been trying to solve this for a while, and have yet to have any success. Anytime I look for an answer, I end up on this forum, so I thought maybe someone here...
  5. I

    Ax56u or rt-ac5300 (used)??

    Read it on the web ax56u has better specs (cpu,ram) than rt-ac5300. Now i need some advise which one should i get.. ax56u about $150 and rt-ac5300 used for $210 My net speed is 50/50, no vpn, will be mainly used for youtube, twitch, gaming (5 people,n about 6-10 devices). Need wide coverage and...
  6. A

    is the Asus RT-AX88U right for me?

    Hi all, I'm pretty techy but routers are a bit out of my league. I generally just do the basic set up on them and leave them be. I currently have an RT-AC68U that has been rock solid the past 4+ years however yesterday the 2.4ghz band completely died on me and I cant get it to activate any...
  7. A

    Hello and could use some input

    Hello, I figured to be polite and introduce myself first. My name is Russ and I am pretty 'experienced' with routing, networking, asus, etc. DBA by day, frustrated with wifi by night, heh. No, this is not about wifi, got that under control for now .. :P I just have something strange going on...
  8. N

    ASUS RT-AC88U Disconnection problems.

    Hi, Since the new year, I have been having troubles with my RT-AC88U. The problem is that randomly (at least no pattern I've noticed) all devices in the house will lose connection. Wired and Wireless for anywhere between 5secs to 5mins. The internet still remains connected however nothing loads...
  9. octopus

    How to remove one day old file....

    I have tried to remove file as is age of 1 day or more old. Tried this: find /jffs/scripts/file_to_remove -name "file_to_remove" -mtime +1 -exec rm -f '{}' \; but -mtime +1 doesn't recognise and don't remove mention file. Is -mtime a valid command in 384.15_alpha1? Modification time (-mtime)...
  10. scottlitch

    How to set up a VPN

    Hello, I have a Linksys LRT214 and would like to set up the VPN so my iPhone can use it. I have little idea of how to do it. I have options to Tunnel or Group VPN, the local group setup, the client setup, and IPSEC setup. Can someone give me a 101 or point me to an article to get this up and...
  11. Teckygeek4009

    [DSL-AC88U] looking for DSL firmware.

    Hi all I had the RT-N66U for a long time and loved it. Never used Merlin before so please go easy on my. I recently decided to upgrade and as I like the asus routers I decided to get a DSL-AC88U as my upgrade. My question: Is or will there ever be a firmware for the DSL-AC88U?
  12. L

    Looking for the right direction

    Bought a AC1900 ASUS router and I live in the boonies with good lte but wayyyy over priced cable. Looking for a forum/guide to setup my cell as the source of internet. There are some settings I tinkered with and a few guides I watched but nothing has worked. Please say there is a guide.
  13. xavvypls

    Asus RT AC5300 died. Should I upgrade / repair / repurchase?

    So a few days ago a my Asus RT AC5300 died in a power outage / power surge when lightning struck a powerline near my home. I had no problems with this router and it's been an amazing 4 years of use with it. So here's my dilemma. I contacted ASUS about it and they said that since it's not under...
  14. octopus

    Some "grep" help.

    Hi I need some suggestions...;) I use grep -E -m 1 "blabla" to ensure only get first aswere in a command when get multiple answeres. Now my question: if I want last answer and in multiple answeres, howe to accomplished that? Thanks :D Octopus
  15. octopus

    little help/suggestions needed

    I'm struggling with some programing issues and hope someone have done this already. I wrote some scripts and get: cat: write error: Broken pipe and need som suggestion to solve it. I'm reading from /tmp / vpnclient-1.log. When I resstart router "with / bin / cat vpnclient-1.log...
  16. J

    Need help with home networking

    Hello everyone new to this forums, I want to know the best way I can improve my network situation. I believe this belongs here not sure but I have questions about WiFi as well and I hope that it can be helped. My house is a two story house and our router + modem is downstairs. It was installed...
  17. P

    [HELP] - ASUS RT-AC87U Media Bridge Issues

    I'm having a slight issue with using my RT-AC87U in media bridge mode. I am running the Asuswrt-merlin 384.11_2 I have changed the operation mode to media bridge and have been able to connect to the ISP router via wifi. I have also been able to connect a device to LAN port 1, however devices...
  18. M

    Help with VPN/Amazon echo

    Hi all I recently set up a VPN client connection on my router. (Netgear R7000 using the ported version of Asus Merlin firmware). That's probably irelevant since why question is more of a routing issue. Has anybody else had issues when using a VPN that their echo stops working? I get the red...
  19. C

    Netgear R7000P Bricked

    Hello, I have a Netgear Nighthawk R7000P which I accidentally Bricked when I unplugged it while it was on. It is now in a boot loop, and TFTP doesn't work. Serial flashing used to show the boot sequence, but after coming back to it, nothing shows on PuTTY. How would I go about fixing this...
  20. S

    Mounting my old WD to my DS218+ help please

    Hi there, Quite new to the world of more complex NAS drives, just been using a simple WD MyBook Live for the past few years as a media server but wanted to move to Plex from Kodi for transcoding purposes. So I'm getting there but the biggest issue I have still is trying to transfer all my data...