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ASUS Merlin, Home Assistant, and DuckDNS not working with Port Forwarding?

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New Around Here
Hello -- I am not the most tech savy when it comes to this stuff. I had it working at a point a long time ago but I had to remove the Home Assistant due to issues I was having (probably with something I screwed up). But now I can't seem to get this to work from access outside my network. I am following this YouTube video to the dot and it doesn't seem to work when I get to the part where I get to canyouseeme's website:
. I added the Port Forward to "WAN - Virtual Server / Port Forwarding." Any advice or any extra steps I should take?

Thank you for your help!
Router model?
Firmware version?

Does the IP address shown by canyouseeme.org match the WAN IP address shown in your router's GUI on the Network Map page?
I will start looking at this link first : ASUS

I am using the asuscomm host server to connect my HA. I am using a docker version and not an OS.

In my case my ISP provides static IP address, which make it easier to setup on my router. Since my IP is not changed I don't need to use external sites, like DuckDNS. But in anycase should work.

On the virtual server tab you need to provide the IP (if you get from DNS site) and the port that should be the one connecting to you HA implementation.

And I think that is all you need if I don't recall wrong.

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