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  1. A

    Monitor bandwidth history without logging browsing history?

    I have a RT-AX88U. In the dashboard there are a few separate features related to logging bandwidth: 1. Adaptive QoS shows live bandwidth data per-client. 2. The homepage shows total live bandwidth data. 3. The traffic analyzer shows live bandwidth data, as well historical data within a small...
  2. S

    A tip for new iOS14/iPadOS14/MacOS 11/Watch OS 7 users.

    Hi all just a tip for you with regards to Apple’s latest device updates that may cause issues on certain router setups. If you are like myself I have my Asus router OCD level setup, every device has a proper name and icon under the network map page, and they all have their priorities assigned...
  3. xendi

    VPN Client DNS & DHCP

    I'm using the VPN Client policy rules to specify clients on the network I want routed through a VPN. On my machine that is VPN routed, if I run: ( nmcli dev list || nmcli dev show ) 2>/dev/null | grep DNS I see the DNS my machine is using is: My VPN provider runs their own DNS...
  4. xendi

    What Data Is Sent to Trend Micro For Each Of These Features?

    Hello wonderful people. Upon setting up a new router, I was confronted with the following message: "By using AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive QoS/Game boost, Web history, you agree to the Trend Micro End User License Agreement. Please note that your information will be...
  5. Deepcuts

    Windows 10 VPN adapter "Privacy statement"

    I guess boredom made me focus today on the Privacy statement link found on any VPN adapter in Windows 10. I am talking about the adapters found at Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections The link in question is this: Reading that web page, I could not find anything regarding...
  6. Killhippie

    Monitored conversations.

    Maybe Im a bit slow (on storing painkilling medication as I have advanced Osteoporosis and it does have a high sedative effect) but when did this become a thing? ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PLEASE READ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Conversations allow you to exchange messages with other members directly...
  7. rickyzhang

    Static Analysis of ASUS stock firmware for RT-AC66U

    I knew this device is old. I bought it 4+ years ago. But recent EULA change made me concerned on my privacy. So today I finally took a look at the stock version firmware source code. 1. Version The preliminary analysis is version from ASUS stock. 2. Binary Blobs The source...
  8. rickyzhang

    How to protest ASUS privacy invasion in US.

    I'm not a happy camper now that I know my privacy is being invaded by ASUS. I found two ways to fight back if you live in US: 1. File a formal consumer complaint in FTC. Below is the section of "what happened" in the complaint. I’m writing to you with regard to my...
  9. rickyzhang

    Which parts of the code sending out our privacy?

    I used stock version ASUS firmware. But the recent update showing me a EULA form about collecting my private information by TrendMicro makes me concerned. For sure, I'm pissed. I paid ASUS for a router. But I have to trade in my privacy for software feature. I want to give them a middle finger...
  10. S

    Traffic Analyzer - Trend Micro EULA & data collection!?!?!

    One of the reasons I just bought an AC68U was because I wanted the Traffic Analyzer. Apparently enabling this requires "that your information will be collected by Trend Micro through AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive QoS and web history." Disabling data-collection also...
  11. M

    How Do I Re-enable Information Sharing in 384.11_2 Privacy

    On a ASUS RT-AC68R running Merlin 384.11_2, I used the Privacy tab in Administration to disable sharing of information. The disable was done when I installed 384.11_2. After the disable, I got this message on the Privacy page after the disable (see below). My question - in 384.11_2, how do I...
  12. T

    Why do I need to sell my soul to boot the kids off the internet at bedtime?

    Okay, maybe that was a bit of a mellow dramatic subject line but why do I need to give up my privacy just to enable internet scheduling on ASUS-Merlin? I was going to enable internet scheduling on my AC68U for the kids iPhones when I got the message about giving ASUS/Trend permission to look at...
  13. Sonyrolfy

    Question about: EDNS

    After some testing with the new Beta 384.11 Beta 2, which work great! There is some discussion about EDNS and it seems that it’s disabled by default on the router, in my case the 86U. After some reading on the web (see below) I was wondering if EDNS could be a benefit in terms of privacy...
  14. speedingcheetah

    Vektor Security/Privacy device thoughts?

    Looking for thoughts/opinions etc on this device that was recently recommended to me: Vektor: Secure WiFi Network & Connected Devices Developed by the Former Head of Facebook’s Security Tools team. Look...

    IFTTT is it worthwhile?

    Hi, On my RT-AX88U I see I have the option for Alexa (which I would never use) and IFTTT. I only use IFTTT for alerts on some Cameras I have at home. However, is it worthwhile using it on the router? And in terms of privacy is there any risk? Thanks :)
  16. E

    384.6 Now sharing data to Trend Micro?

    I noticed a number of things upon loading latest 384.6 (RT-AC3200) FirmWare with regard to privacy and more. Please read, consider, discuss and help drive/demand greater safeguards consumer protections and users privacy. Thank You! I'm becoming more and more wary of data sharing. Many say to...
  17. S

    Encrypt Share Folders?

    Is there any way to add encryption for the AiDisk, and subsequent Share directories? It seems rather pointless having separate user directories, with separate passwords when it's easy enough to simply pull the USB stick out, and shove it in your computer's port. I believe EXT4 supports...
  18. S

    Increase password length?

    Is it just me, or does 16 characters just not seem long enough? Also, why are we limited to a maximum of only 5 user accounts (6 if you include the administrator)? That's obviously not a limitation of Samba. Such limitations! Is there a workaround which doesn't limit me to SSH only access...
  19. W

    The House That Spied on Me

    Amusing article from Gizmodo: The House That Spied on Me
  20. C

    How Many MoCA Bridges Do I Need When Using Own Equipment for FiOS Internet and TV?

    Hello Everyone, So we're getting FiOS with (nearly) gigabit internet, as well as TV and phone. I'm aware the Verizon router is locked down, and Verizon can see everything you do. They can even see what password you use for it. Of course, I want to use my own equipment. I know tech support will...