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I'm using the VPN Client policy rules to specify clients on the network I want routed through a VPN. On my machine that is VPN routed, if I run:

( nmcli dev list || nmcli dev show ) 2>/dev/null | grep DNS
I see the DNS my machine is using is:

My VPN provider runs their own DNS servers which they recommend you use for privacy reasons. In my VPN client options, I have set Accept DNS Configuration to "Exclusive" mode. Does this mean that DNS queries sent to my router are routed through the VPN's DNS server? I half expected it to propagate the VPN's DNS server to my machine via DHCP. Instead, it's telling my machine to use the router's IP as its DNS server. This is fine as long as my DNS queries are being forward to the VPN's DNS servers but idk if that's what's happening. Is it?


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no ideas?
LAN Clients' use of VPN ISP's DNS with 'Exclusive=YES' is controlled by the iptables chains used by the router:
iptables --line -t nat -nvL | grep dpt:53 ;iptables --line -t nat -nvL DNSVPN1  2>/dev/null;iptables --line -t nat -nvL DNSVPN2 2>/dev/null;iptables --line -t nat -nvL DNSVPN3  2>/dev/null;iptables --line -t nat -nvL DNSVPN4 2>/dev/null;iptables --line -t nat -nvL DNSVPN5 2>/dev/null;iptables --line -t nat -nvL DNSPPP5 2>/dev/null
You should be able to see which LAN devices are redirected.
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