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  1. B

    RT-AX88U Link Aggregation ?

    Hi, tried to setup link aggregation Prost 3&4 on RT-AC88U with Merlin's script. Is that still supported ? Merlin's Linkagg script throws errors on my router: [email protected]:/jffs/configs# ./LinkAgg 3 4 ./LinkAgg: line 296: robocfg: not found ./LinkAgg: line 296: robocfg: not found...
  2. A

    Solved [SOLVED]Syslog Flooded With "nf_conntrack" Errors, RT-AX88U

    Hello I am completely new here, and i am glad i found this forum and this great firmware. i had stock frimware 3977 before flashing to Merlin, 384.15. so going into the issue im having, basically the log is full of this : Mar 5 11:15:50 kernel: nf_conntrack: expectation table full Mar 5...
  3. LongRangeSkeet

    QOS/AQM on RT-AX88U

    Hello all. I've been looking for a replacement router that primarily has good Active Queue Management features and came across the RT-AX88U. I've used stock firmware on ASUS routers in the past but I do not have any experience with Merlin. I couldn't find any answers to my questions while...
  4. Skeptical.me

    Should I be concerned about this? Merlin/Skynet Security

    My home network has mostly had this set up ... ISP Modem/Router > ASUS RT-AX88U > Devices I've just put the ISP Router in Bridge mode and set up the OpenVPN Server, and I am using it. However, I'm concerned about security now the ASUS is directly exposed to the Internet. I have Skynet...
  5. O

    RT-AX88U Router + ZenWifi XT8 Nodes?

    I already own an RT-AX88U, and use it as the only router in my network. I would like to expand the network and add some wireless nodes using AiMesh. In particular, I'm thinking about a pair of the new ZenWifi XT8 to add as the nodes. Would continuing to use the RT-AX88U as the main ROUTER...
  6. Skeptical.me

    How do I get SFTP working on an ASUS using Merlin?

    Just wondering how I can get SFTP working in my RT-AX88U Merlin 384.14_0?
  7. M

    RT-AX88U CPU Usage

    I recently upgraded from a 68U which was rock solid, and ran scripts fairly well despite having a much slower CPU. The 68U rarely needed a restart, despite having it for years and constantly tinkering with it. But this new RT-AX88U seems to be having some stability issues that I can't shake...
  8. Mr7ndr3

    RT-AX88U VPN CLIENT CONNECTED Traffic goes without vpn - Solved With Asus Merlin

    I bought a brand new RT-AX88U to be connected to a ISP ONT+Modem/Router to be VPN router thus serving a TV. Problem: RT-AX88U gets a diferent IP from ISP router and with VPN Client activated and TV conected to Asus get the ISP Public IP I have a ISP FiberGATEWAY Bridge Mode ON, DHCP ON...
  9. H

    EMBY with ASUSTOR 5304T and Hades Canyon

    I have an ASUS RT-AX88U connected to both the ASUSTOR NAS (port aggregated) and a Hades Canyon NUC. Currently Emby is running on the Hades so the NAS is just providing media file storage (along with RAID 5 functionality) to the Hades running Emby. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to moving...
  10. H

    Maximize range for Asus RT-AX88U 2.4

    I'd like some suggestions on settings and preferred FW to maximize range for the 2.4GHz speed. Other than the obvious choice of looking for the least crowded channel I'd like to know if there's anything I'm missing, or if I should be using an older firmware (I read about some FW issues). Thanks...
  11. T

    Interesting issue on Asus RT-AX88U & RT-AC86U

    Hi, I would like to share my experience with issue, I am facing on various firmwares and on the following models: AX88U; AC86U. The latest firmware I've tested is Asus & Merlin 384.14_0 Looks like the bug is migrating with Asus firmware from device to device. The same setup is...
  12. R

    Asus Asus RT-AX88U with Apple HomeKit and Trend Micro

    Hello people, After searching the internet for some solutions regarding my router I found this website, which looks awesome because it’s full of good information. So I hope someone here can help me with a strange problem I have. My hardware: Asus RT-AX88U - Firmware Version:
  13. Kopas

    RT-AX88U and Intel 8265 Performance

    I'm running an RT-AX88U on version 384.13. Testing throughput with an Intel 8265 adapter running latest drivers on Windows 10. Both the router and Windows show that I'm connected at 866Mbps: When I do some testing with iperf to a wired workstation... I get around 380Mbps actual throughput...
  14. wavefunction

    Unable to reach any devices behind RT-AX88U through OpenVPN Server

    Hello, I have an RT-AX88U with the latest Merlin firmware (384.13). I've enabled OpenVPN Server on it with the following configuration: However, when I connect to the OpenVPN server from my client machine on a different WAN, I am unable to access any devices on the router's LAN...
  15. C

    rt-ax88u net disconnect but not wan

    Hi all, I have a client that runs an Asus rt-ax88u router, they have 14 workstations and a server. The internet will drop out but the cable modem from spectrum still says its connected. When this happens the internal network of reading the server does not stop working. Only the internet is...
  16. S

    [RT-AX88U] Configuring the router in client mode

    I am trying to configure the router in client mode. I used the wl command to set the 5GHz interface (eth7 in this case) in client mode and connect to a Netgear RAX80 router. The commands are below: wl -i eth7 ap 0 wl -i eth7 scan wl -i eth7 scanresults //To see the NETGEAR SSID wl -i eth7 join...
  17. S

    [RT-AX88U] Running iperf/iperf3 on asuswrt-merlin

    I SSHed into the router but I cannot find the iperf/iperf3 binary included. I did a little digging and most threads just say that it is included in most dd-wrt builds. Is there a way I can get iperf on the router. Also, there doesn't seem to be a package manager I can use to download it. I...
  18. B

    New RT-AX88U 5GHZ disappears after a few minutes except on select channels

    Hey forum, I am experiencing the exact same issue as described in this thread I did not want to necro a five year old post pertaining to different HW and FWs... But I am very surprised there is so little info since then. Seems like all the posts about this issue stem from this time period...
  19. Skeptical.me

    RT-AX88U VPN Issues

    ASUS RT-AX88U ASUSWRT-Merlin 384.11 2 problems: 1. ExpressVPN is sometimes showing 7 DNS servers on ipleak.net (and other similar sites). Usually I only see one DNS server, I'm only suppose to see 1 ... Accept DNS Configuration is set to Exclusive, and Redirect Internet Traffic is set to All...
  20. sanke1

    RT-AX88U and 160 Mhz Channel Bandwidth on 5Ghz network

    I am having RT-AX88U with latest firmware as of today. Now under 5Ghz Wifi settings, if I enable 160 Mhz Channel Bandwidth, all my 5Ghz devices like iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 drop wifi. The 5Ghz network vanishes. How am I supposed to use 160 Mhz? The network disappears regardless of being set...