RT-AX88U, 386.3_2 - missing VPN Settings?

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Im having issues using the new VPNDirector feature. When i upgraded to the newer firmware versions, the upgrade just transferred my old policy-based rules into the new and I didnt have to change anything (so also didnt notice anything amiss), however, ive had to make some adjustments to VPN the other day, and now i notice that it appears im missing some settings that should be there. Namely, 'VPN Director' option in the 'Redirect Internet traffic through tunnel' drop down, and the username/password textboxes.

Is anyone else with an AX88U having this issue?, or is it just me, and im doing something wrong somewhere?

Ive done a factory reset a few times, done the 'format jffs partition at next boot' a few times, hit the Default button at the bottom of the VPN Client tab a few times, but no luck. Is there some old setting somewhere that survived all of that? is there another way I should be resetting? Ive also installed previous versions of merlin back to 384.19 and none of the 386 ones show what i think should be in the drop down.



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Same problem reported here. The problem appeared to be caused by an incompatible web browser.

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