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  1. M

    Asus RT-AX88U buffering spectrum TV App

    Hi, I have been having some weird issues watching Spectrum TV APP on my apple TV. I am getting buffering at random times of the day. This issue does not affect other streaming services like Hulu, Disney+ Amazon Prime. I have a feeling that it has something to do with the router if anyone can...
  2. L

    Asuswrt-Merlin Logs Tutorial Request

    I looked in the forum for a guide / tutorial to the Syslog, and found none. No problem to download the syslog and load into a text editor or Excel. But what would be more helpful is a guide: - to best settings to monitor router health and performance; - to utilities that assist getting key...
  3. M

    WAN failover in syslog?

    I have an RT-AC68U running Merlin 386.7_2 with a normal ISP ethernet WAN connection and a 4G USB dongle to provide a WAN failover. Failover and failback seem to be working fine, however I want to be notified when a WAN failover or failback occurs. My RT-AC68U is set to send everything from WARN...
  4. S

    RT-AX55 syslog interval

    Hello, My Synology DS218 is configured to receive logs from RT-AX55 and it is all working fine. I can see all RT-AX55's logs on NAS dashboard. Is there any way to set logging interval on RT-AX55 to let's say 6 hours? Problem is that everytime router sends logs, NAS wakes up (power consuption)...
  5. J

    Strange log entries since installing latest firmware

    Strange log entries since updating to the latest firmware Also have had my first stability issues in ages (which is what led me to look at the logs in the first place) also, there are a lot of inbound connections blocked (while connected through the router vpn client) showing up on the logs...
  6. C

    ASUS Syslog

    Hi, Despite hunting high and low I cannot seem to find an explanation for the entries in the ASUS Syslog. I am running Merlin 386.4 Can somebody help decipher this? Jan 19 09:46:53 kernel: ACCEPT IN=br0 OUT=tun12 MAC=3c:7c:3f:54:39:68:b8:08:cf:5d:72:d2:08:00 SRC=192.xx.xx.xx DST=34.xx.xx.xx...
  7. J

    Simple fix for a strange reoccurring error/syslog

    Hi, During last months, my RT-AX88U (running latest wrt-merlin) has been creating alot of "debug" info in my syslog; All from a specific MAC address, looked up to be from SAMSUNG ELECTRO MECHANICS CO., LTD. as vendor. I have tried to find this MAC address on my network, however not successfull...
  8. sentinelvdx

    [Syslog Warning] Bonding Warning

    Hi, I'm getting flooded with this on my syslog: Sep 24 00:54:50 kernel: bond0: option slaves: unable to set because the bond device is up Sep 24 00:54:50 kernel: bond0: option slaves: unable to set because the bond device is up Sep 24 00:56:18 kernel: bond0: option slaves: unable to set...
  9. sentinelvdx

    pixelserv Issue - pixelserv-tls[2321]: generate_cert: failed to open file for write: /opt/var/cache/pixelserv/...

    Hi Guys, I've recently checked my syslog and it's flooded with these statements: Sep 13 20:42:19 pixelserv-tls[2321]: generate_cert: failed to open file for write: /opt/var/cache/pixelserv/ Sep 13 20:42:22 pixelserv-tls[2321]: generate_cert: failed to open file for write...
  10. garycnew

    [DEVEL] Asuswrt-Merlin Remote Log Server (Syslog & Syslog-ng Synergy) to Centralize Primary Router & AiMesh Node System Logs

    ATTENTION: It has come to my attention that there is an established Asuswrt-Merlin Add-on in AMTM called scribe and a user interface for it called uiscribe that takes the native Asuswrt-Merlin Syslog implementation to the next level, which is the recommended approach over this tutorial. The...
  11. G

    syslog message

    Hi, any idea what this means (extract from syslog) ? first time I see this, Sep 24 11:28:14 kernel: Init chrdev /dev/detector with major 190 Sep 24 11:28:14 kernel: tdts: tcp_conn_max = 8000 Sep 24 11:28:14 kernel: tdts: tcp_conn_timeout = 300 sec Sep 24 11:28:30 kernel: SHN Release Version...
  12. M

    r7800 - repeating syslog message dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!!

    Since today I have many of these messages in the syslog. Mar 29 18:50:00 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:01 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:03 dnsmasq[19634]: NOT DNS Hijack mode!!! Mar 29 18:50:04
  13. B

    Syslog - Monitoring Router Log Remotely

    I have installed Kiwi Syslog server on Windows 10, and have set the target IP address to my fixed PC address and tried disabling all firewalls, but I am not getting anything showing on Kiwi Syslog. I want to monitor the router logs, and ideally perform some analysis e.g. significant events...
  14. B

    [SOLVED] post own events to asus merlin system log

    Hi, is it possible to post an event to the syslog from a sh script on /jffs? I found logger but "logger -s -p Testing" doesnt do it. cheers Chris
  15. wheelq

    unknown syslog copy

    I have noticed very high CPU spikes, so I did a little research. As it turns out, every , the following command is being issued: 2984 admin 1420 D cp /tmp/syslog.log /tmp/syslog.log-1 /jffs I have checked the 1420 and it is: 101 admin 1420 S /bin/sh Yes, I do lots of...
  16. M

    Syslog demuxer for detailed iptables logging

    Fed up with the misery of logging iptables to syslog I made a log demuxer which makes it possible to demux the syslog feed into any number of separate log files. All that is needed is to change syslog to output to a named pipe, and an awk script which does the demuxing. The purpose is to demux...
  17. G

    ASUS RT-AC68U syslog connections

    Hi, I am running ASUS Firmware I am using "iptables -I FORWARD 8 -i br0 -j logaccept" as suggested in this discussion. It logs all the outgoing connections. Ex. Feb 10 17:01:49 kernel: ACCEPT IN=br0 OUT=eth0 SRC= DST= LEN=57 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00...
  18. M

    Syslog time issues

    Hi there, I have a weird time inconsistency which apps write to standard log. For example, transmission writes some false time, which doesn't correspond to system one: Jul 28 16:47:27 host dropbear[26782]: Child connection from XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Jul 28 16:47:28 host dropbear[26782]: Pubkey auth...
  19. redhat27

    Fun with /www/user :)

    We all know that you can see the syslog from the web UI. However if you have relocated syslog somewhere else (or even if you haven't), here is an alternate way. Symlinks from /tmp/syslog.log will still work, but if you use some non-standard logging, just change the DEFAULT_LOG to your log that...
  20. RASG

    [bug?] log level not respected after reboot

    I'm trying to set my ac66u log level to the most verbose possible. But after rebooting, it comes back to the normal level. Which level is that? I dont know, because the web interface still shows me 'debug' - 'all'. But tailing the syslog.log file i can see that its not verbose anymore. And...