2 Router Setup - 1 is VPN. How to allow devices under 2nd router to be visible across network?


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I have a home setup with 2 routers, looks roughly like the below. Primary router is a NightHawk X4S, VPN router is an ASUS RT-AC86U(Asuswrt-Merlin). The VPN is PIA.

ISP→→→PR→→→VPNR→→→→Comp2, Roku's, etc.
Comp1, most other devices.​

This is a new setup, so it worked for what I needed it for (Roku's) when I set it up (this week). However today I am trying to use the 2nd pc as well and ran into my first issue.

Is it possible to somehow make Computer 1 (and vice versa) and Computer 2 see each other on the network, preferably without compromising the VPN setup itself? Would the negatives outweigh the positives? Should I just move Comp2 to the PR and use the PIA client on it? I want to learn a bit more about how this works and what I should be doing.

Appreciate any input or if anyone can please just point me in the right direction. Thank you so much.

EDIT: Reposted this under the VPN section. Is is possible to close this thread?
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