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[ 3004_388.4_beta Build(s) ] Testing available build(s)

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Part of the Furniture
3004.388.4 (xx-xxx-xxxx)
- NOTE: In preparation for the new codebase, the version
string will now start with 3004 or 3006 to match with

- NOTE: The RT-AX56U is no longer supported, as Asus has put it
on End-of-Life status, and the previous Asuswrt-Merlin
388 releases for that model were all based on untested

- NEW: Display channel utilisation for supported platforms on the
Wireless Log page.
- UPDATED: Merged GPL 388_23588.
- UPDATED: curl to 8.1.2.
- UPDATED: OpenVPN to 2.6.5.
- UPDATED: openssl to 1.1.1u.
- UPDATED: tor to
- CHANGED: FTP server will now only support strong ciphers
in TLS mode.
- FIXED: QOS Classification showing no Upload data on some
WAN configurations.
- FIXED: Radio temperature graphs weren't updating
- REMOVED: Ethernet port status from the Tools Sysinfo page
(as this is redundant with Asus' own display
now available on the networkmap page).

Thank you for your hard work on this. I've been waiting patiently for the GT-AX6000 to have the new GPL supported by Merlin. Hoping for more stable 160Mhz. Will report back after upgrading.
Successfully upgraded from 388.4_alpha1 to 3004.388.4_beta1 (non-ROG) on my GT-AX6000.

And happy to see there are plans for (eventual) based releases!
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