[386.3_2] - The System Log/Wireless Log screen does not allow centralized management of all Ai Mesh clients.


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In AIMesh mode, it is not possible to see all clients connected to the different nodes in the System Log/Wireless Log screen.
Only the clients connected to the master node are visible.

Isn't the AiMesh mode designed to get a centralized view of the different clients within the same interface?

Bug or feature?

(386.3_2 + AX88U + AC68U)



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Honestly, I would say neither. The layout of the UI pages and what they displayed is based on a design from the years before Mesh nodes. This would seem more like an Asus feature enhancement request. (Which you have to do using the feedback link at the bottom of the web UI page running official AsusWRT firmware)

I agree with you, that there should be a view which shows the Wireless stats for all devices in one place and I could envision each node and its bands being listed sequentially on the same status page.

However, I'm sure it's a lot more complicated since the stats probably come from the wl command being run by httpd, which means its local and easy to poll. To pull that data from other nodes introduces authentication requirements and probably a lot more than this novice could imagine or explain.

The Asus Router iPhone/Android app does OK but wont give you the really useful data like TX/RX, streams, etc...

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