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ASUS XT8 not getting IPv6 from WAN (using 5G modem)

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Hello all, I’ve been having issues with my 5G cellular modem being able to pass its IPv6 address to my ASUS XT8 Mesh router.

My 5G modem (a Suncomm O2), uses T-Mobile Home Internet service to provide internet, and T-Mobile uses an IPv6-only protocol (464XLAT) for their network. IPv6 works fine when connected directly to the 5G modem from a device, but when a device is connected to the ASUS, the ASUS cannot detect any kind of IPv6 address being pushed through WAN. I’ve tried all IPv6 settings, including IPv6 in passthrough mode, to no avail.

IPv6 passthrough does work when the ASUS is in Access Point mode, but I prefer router mode because I actively use the VPN functionality in my router on many of the devices in my home and it’s not available when AP mode is active.

Any ideas?

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