AC 5300 5GHz issues

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Happy Thanksgiving !

I am experienceing issues with my 5 GHz 2nd radio. I have two Sony android tvs. I reserve the second radio for their use exclusively.

Set them to N/AC Mixed 80mhz channel 161
My 5GHz radio one is set to same settings channel 48.

What I am experienceing is the inablility to have them both connected at the same time. Also I am noticing that whe I check with wifi analyzer that radio 2 will not work when set to 161. It will turn on if I set to 153.

Is there some kind of software lockout ??? or is my hardware going bad ?

I have tried completely fresh installs and downgrading firmware. Same thing.


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Looks like you are trying to force a DFS channel (depending on what your location is). If a hereto authorized authority does a frequency sweep (e.g. airport weather radars are a nice example) your DFS channel is locked. Strong advize to switch off DSF and try it out again. A clean install (see all the goodies that user L&LD has written down on this forum) is also a route to follow.


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Thank you sheik very interesting and useful information. I am indeed about 5.5 miles from an airport.
Unfortunately it was a hardware issue. Very flaky and hard to pin down. I turned off the defective radio.
Second asus triband I have had fail. Not in love with asus at the moment. Less than 2 years of duty for a 400 dollar router.

Just for kicks I am going to try disabling DFS channel selection.
Will report back. Thank you again for this excellent suggestion. This forum is a wealth of knowledge.

Edit 2
According to wiki, (assuming I am reading it correctly) all the channels available for selection in the 2nd radio are not DFS in the USA.
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