AC86U 386.2_x poor performance with active IPTV VLAN routing

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New Around Here
I have my AC86U connected to a T-Mobile glass connection using a TPLink MC220L media converter. The AC86U is configured to route internet and IPTV from two VLANs (see attached screenshot)

The issue I'm having;
When a TV tuner is active I see a continuous stream of ~40-50Mbit on the router (not showing in the dashboard btw). The system load of the router is quite low, averaging somewhere around 20-30%.
The internet access is extremely slow and has a high latency. A speedtest will average around 30-40Mbit synchronous up/down.

Shutting down the TV tuner shows the IPTV data stream stopping. System load remains relatively the same.
The internet access becomes normal again. A speedtest will average again around 180-200Mbit synchronous up/down.

Since the system load remains relatively the same I get the feeling that the VLAN routing is done on the onboard switch that is unable to handle this load properly. Are there any magic settings that can fix this?
Suggestions and or further analysis pointers are appreciated.


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