Accessing home router web UI over OpenVPN brings me to my home router's web UI

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Hello folks,

Family has been having issues with their internet connection recently and I would like to connect periodically to check up on it. They are running 384.19 merlin fw with an OpenVPN server.
Their router (AC86U) has DDNS enabled with skynet, diversion and connmon running. LAN devices are on 192.168.0.X with the router at
My router (AX88U) has a fairly similar setup, with LAN devices on 192.168.0.X and the router at as well.
I'm attaching a screenshot of the OpenVPN server config.

When I connect with an OVPN app on an android phone (pixel3 and a galaxy device), and type in a web browser I am taken to the AC86U web UI login page. This is desired behavior.
However, when I connect with an OVPN app on an iphone 11 (latest iOS) or with a Win10 machine, and type in a web browser, I am taken to the AX88U's web UI login page.

Is the issue because both router's are on the same LAN subnet, (ie 192.168.0.X)? Why does android seemingly exhibit desired behavior, while the other devices do not? What are some obvious fixes?



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Yes, the issue is random because of the identical LAN subnet. Change one of them to another subnet.

For myself and my customers, I do not use the stock default (ever). Each one has a unique subnet.

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