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ASUS iOS app not finding router in bridge mode

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My apartment complex recently contracted with IBT to provide fiber internet to each apartment unit via a managed wireless access point in each apartment. So, I reconfigured my RT-AX86U (running Merlin firmware 388.2_2) as a media bridge for my home office desk, because the AX86U establishes a MUCH stronger connection with the IBT access point compared to the built-in WiFi adapters in my MacBook and my home PC. I gave the AX86U a fixed IP address on the LAN, so I can always find the web UI.

The IBT access point has IP address
The RT-AX86U has IP address with subnet mask and default gateway
My iPhone has IP address with mask

The issue is this: the ASUS Router app on iOS no longer finds the RT-AX86U on my LAN.
Why? What am I missing?
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Can you clarify what you mean when you say you have configured the RT-AX86U as a bridge? If you have put it in Media Bridge mode then it and everything connected to it becomes part of the IBT 192.168.0.x network. You cannot have a separate subnet for the RT-AX86U's LAN because it's not in "Router Mode" and no routing is taking place.
I see you have updated your post, thank you.

What is the subnet mask of the IBT access point? You must use the same size subnet on the RT-AX86U when using it as a Media Bridge.

Is your iPhone currently connected directly to the IBT AP? It's possible (likely?) that the Asus app doesn't understand subnets larger than /24.
I appreciate your reply, thank you.

I have no login access to the IBT access point, but when I power off the AX86U and connect my iPhone to the IBT access point directly, I am getting IP address

My iPhone also shows a "Router" IP address of, which is the IP address of the IBT access point.

I suspect you may be right that the Asus app doesn't like subnets larger than /24. I wish they added a config option in the app to set a fixed IP address for the router. I guess I'll just have to stick with the web GUI only.

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