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All of a sudden DHCP denied messages in Windows logs

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Windows 10 machine can't connect, phone can.

No settings changed or messed with, been stable for a week. Ready to smash this PoS with a hammer - any suggestions as to what might have happened? Multiple reboots not fixing it.
WPS reset method not working now, is this thing bricked or defective? RT-AX58U (AX3000)

All lights flashing on it after WPS/reset button hold in. Can't connect thru Windows laptop to admin panel. Is pingable through cmd
Try again with another browser, or in 'incognito' mode with the ones you use now.

Verify what subnet your laptop is connected to the router on.

Reboot your computer (Restart, not just Shut down and power up again).

This router model has never been reliable in my experience. Good luck.
Check the IP address of your computer and the default gateway.

In Windows PowerShell, type 'ipconfig /all', without the quote marks.

15,000 times each? That should be enough.

If you're using the correct IP (i.e. default gateway), then you need to get the router to a good/known state. The following link may help.

Nuclear Reset https://www.snbforums.com/threads/major-issues-w-rt-ac86u.56342/page-4#post-495710

And the following links may further clarify the correct process.


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