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Asus AC-RT3200 WRT-Merlin 384.12 issues

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The bugs I found in the new software, (384.12)
1. Manual restart does not function. When you click Restart, it counts like a restart, but the router does not start again.
2. Changes to port forwarding do not take effect until you switch the device off and on. Of course, I have to turn the device on and off because of the first error.
3. I wanted to do a reboot from the command line SSH connection settings by making the open LAN, WAN LAN, although the connection can not be established. Trying with Putty gives connection refused error. When I try to make a telnet connection, it gives the same error. No more Telnet settings in the administration - system settings, by the way.


The SSH connection worked after turning the device off and on.
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No such problems here with same router and firmware.

Telnet was removed from Asus routers months ago, read the release notes.

You should try a full reset and/or reflash the firmware.
Before updating the device, I installed it to the factory settings. Then I updated it with recovery utility. I restored it to the factory settings. After that I made the settings.

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