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ASUS AC86U no VPN connection

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New Around Here
Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my ASUS AC86U Router. I use nordvpn and have configured the client on my Asus router according to the nord vpn instructions. when i activate the client, the router interface shows me that the client is active and which public ip address i should have. However, if I check my ip address on a website, it shows me real ip, that I have from my ISP. What is worth mentioning is that the ASUS router is connected to a Vodafone cable router. The firmware on the ASUS router is the Merlin RT-AC86U_386.10 Can anyone help me and tell me what the problem is with the VPN client not running properly?


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In the vPN client settings GUI are you redirecting internet traffic through the tunnel ?


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So have you set any policy rules ?
no, I havent☺️
I've now set it to yes (all) and now it show me the VPN ip address. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the settings are concerned. Just to be sure, the way the setup is now, the entire network is routed to the VPN, right!?

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