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ASUS AX86u CFG decrypter

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Hi, I have the router AX86u with stock firmware. The backup CFG are encrypted. I have a fair bit of DHCP manual assignments I would like to be able to see. Does anybody have a recommendation of a tool to unencrypt (possible edit and re-encrypt) the CFG file
I found a couple of toos via google. One posted in github was giving an error (Also reported on github but dev decline to keep working on this). The other one kind of got some information but I couldnt see the DHCP data.
I wish there would be a way to transform into CSV or xml
It's better to export and import the specific nvram variables rather than messing with the cfg file.

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Does anybody have a recommendation of a tool to unencrypt (possible edit and re-encrypt) the CFG file

Just now confirmed it opens AsusWrt v388. It is an old script but it works with a PC on windows 11. I can see all the settings in readable text. And I have used it in the past to copy and paste while provisioning a new router. However, I would not recommend editing/saving and then uploading to your router. Just use it as a Read Only tool.
ssh to the route and do a nvram show.
You can cherypick what information worth preserving - like port forwarding and DHCP reservation.
Ideally add one port forwarding and a DHCP reservation from GUI before copy/pasting the the rest of such config.
That to a nvram commit and nvram show. And that's all.
@drabisan Thanks was able to do that and copy the two sections (DHCP and port fw). Format is pretty wonky with lots of >>>
This is good for reference but certainly wouldnt try an edit here
>>> are a pita!
But they worked for a number of years and likely that option is here to stay.

Ultimately it's easy to read ;)

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