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Hi all I have a question about UPnP.

Basically, I made an app that require the use of UPnP so the user does not need to port forward manually. (They have the option to port forward manually so don't get angry with saying UPnP is insecure etc...)

To communicate with the IGD (Internet Gateway Device) which is currently what I own for the ASUS CT8 router, I used the "AddPortMappingEntry" argument to add a port with "NewLeaseDuration" sets to 0 which means the port is static and will be up forever. The arguments are documented in here:

The port stays up forever which is what I want before updating ASUS CT8 to the latest version: But then after the update the port mapping is gone after the UPnP creation in 3 to 4 hours after the router software update...

I wondered if there was anything changed and what I can do to let it stay static?

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