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Asus FTP Server - Android are unable to connect when TLS support is enabled.

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Router: RT-AC68U
Firmware version : 386.11

Yesterday, I reset my router to factory defaults to reconfigure it, and after the reset, I encountered the exact same issue as mentioned in the referenced link:
When the "Enable TLS support" option is enabled, my Android phone cannot connect to the server using any client (I've tried File manager+, Cx File Explorer, and andFTP), but on the PC side, I can still connect using FileZilla and WinSCP.

I am aware that I need to use Explicit TLS. FTPS has been functioning properly for the past few years, and there are no options on the settings page that could have caused this issue.
It is clear that this problem was introduced after restoring the router to factory defaults. I believe there might be some compatibility issues introduced by the default settings.

Are there others experiencing the same issue? It's not specific to the Android phone model because I have tested it with more than two different models.
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I have FTP server with TLS enabled and all of my Android devices can connect. Im using app called Cx FileExplorer. Maybe give it a go?

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