Asus RT-AC86U - Does Traffic Analyzer only display traffic from the modem?

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Probably a simple question, and I did search first...

Does the Traffic analyzer only monitor incoming and outgoing traffic to/from my ISP, or does it also include transfers between devices on my home network?

This is on a Asus RT-AC86U with stock firmware

A sheepish thank you,


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It's monitoring inbound and outbound traffic from all devices to your ISP (internet), so you can view what each and every device on your network consumes or uploads to the WAN through your modem. It's not monitoring LAN traffic between devices on the same LAN/subnet. Not sure there's a lot of demand for monitoring traffic inside the LAN itself but I can certainly understand why some might want to know. There are some decent network monitoring tools you can use to track internal traffic on your own network.

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