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ASUS RT-AC86U ICMP ipv6 incoming pings

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New Around Here
Hello everyone, i wanted to ask something, i don't understand if it doesn't work or if i just don't understand the basics of networking

I wanted to setup that connection quality plot from thinkbroadband, you go on the website put your ipv6 and they ping you regularly and you get a plot. I remember i already did some years ago using ipv4.
First i see everything is red (100% packet loss), they cant ping me. I try to ping my ipv6 from more websites, and it does not respond.
Then i go to ipv6-test.com and see everything green except for ICMP, there is somethink blocking it.
I then go in the asus router settings and under wan/firewall it is correctly on "respond to ping from wan". But still the router does not respond to pings.
Now happens the thing that confuses me the most.
If i completley disable windows firewall, everything works, and the ping get response.
But i want the router to answer! not my pc! why is this happening? does the router have another ip?
Unlike IPv4, IPv6 is routed not NATed. So it sounds like you have setup thinkbroadband to ping your PC's IPv6 address rather than your router's.
With native IPv6 every device has it's own IP. The IP you are pinging is your PC and not the router.

You should be able to reach the router by what you see under LAN IPv6 Address in the IPv6 Tab


If you use any settings other than Native with Prefix Delegation I am not sure how that would work...

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