ASUS RT-AC86U unable to reset/reboot properly

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Hello, I am trying to do a manual reset as well as reboot and it seems to have some problems with it.


I came up here because I have rebooted my router from GUI and then I got message that I am disconnected from the internet although I have it as well as IP address.

Also, when I click on NETWORK MAP menu instead of disconnected internet status message I am able to see my actual IP address for a blink of a second.



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Try a hard reset:

Thanks Colin! After 30 mins I was able to setup my connection again.

At this moment I can see IP, but... Take a look at DHCP lease time and expiring date. Does that affect anything at all or I can leave it as it is? I went through the forum and I saw other threads where I can disable these things, like not to be shown anymore. But, I am now curious whether I want to change anything, these are setting from the hard factory reset.

And one more thing before posting a picture... WAN IP I have two on the right pane and one on the internet status icon, what is the difference if anybody knows?


Thanks :)
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