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ASUS RT-AX57 router in repeater mode is working, but it's not able to connect to the Internet.

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Hi there, I bought Asus RT-AX57 and I would like to connect to my main Router from ISP (Vodafone Station Wi-Fi 6) in Repeater mode using 5GHz. I went through the Quick Internet Setup in Asus RT-AX57 and successfully connected to main Router by 5GHz. If I connect to the Asus RT-AX57 by Wi-Fi with another devices (mobile, PC...) it connects but with no internet access. The following messages are displayed in the System Log of Asus RT-AX57:

May 5 07:23:45 kernel: wl0: random key value: A32AB6A7C02454F544F9022FC0A88D8DF591F8725C230CC5C7E789249E29ABD9
May 5 07:23:45 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(511): eth2: Disassoc C4:4F:33:E7:17:C1, status: 0, reason: Disassociated because sending station is leaving (or has left) BSS (8), rssi:0
May 5 07:23:45 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(494): eth2: Deauth_ind C4:4F:33:E7:17:C1, status: 0, reason: Deauthenticated because sending station is leaving (or has left) IBSS or ESS (3), rssi:0
May 5 07:23:49 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(530): eth2: Auth C4:4F:33:E7:17:C1, status: Successful (0), rssi:0
May 5 07:23:49 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(559): eth2: Assoc C4:4F:33:E7:17:C1, status: Successful (0), rssi:-42
May 5 07:23:56 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(530): eth2: Auth 6A:F2:4F:BC:4C:45, status: Successful (0), rssi:0
May 5 07:23:56 wlceventd: wlceventd_proc_event(559): eth2: Assoc 6A:F2:4F:BC:4C:45, status: Successful (0), rssi:-48

It seems to me that there is some error with the address translation.

If I connect Asus RT-AX57 to main router in Repeater mode by 2,4GHz everything works. All other setting are the same as when 5GHz.

Firmware of Asus RT-AX57 is the latest:

Could you help me please?
The massages above are unrelated to your issue. Common Wi-Fi related connection/disconnection. If the repeater is working on 2.4GHz, but not working on 5GHz - this is a firmware bug. Report it to Asus in Administration, Feedback. If this is the case you have to wait for a new firmware or experiment with older versions.

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