Asus RT-AX58U Turn Off Wifi

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Is there an easy way to temporarily turn off WiFi instead of having to go through all the settings one by one.
My previous router had a WiFi on/off button but I cannot find one.
I followed the instructions I found on the web advising a change to the professional settings, but all that did was lock up the router requiring a manual reset (oh for the days software worked and was supported!).


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How were you accessing the router? Wirelessly? And you turned off the radio(s)? That doesn't require a reset, it requires a wired connection to the router to enable the radios again.

I don't think there is a hardware button to disable the radios/Wi-Fi on that router.

What is the purpose of turning them off? Maybe there is another method that can work for you.


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The purpose of turning them off is to see what signals I am getting on other repeaters.
Whatever the reason, there should be simple setting on a device that I have paid for when compared to EVERY ISP router that I have had for the past ten years.
Not to have one is just proving to me that I have made a mistake purchasing and Asus router.
Non working software and basic functionality available which is available on much cheaper options. What are they thinking?


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Regarding your question all my system is hard wired, so turning off the wireless should not disable the internet, but it does, more software bugs: go figure!


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Turning off the wireless radios with my AX58U does not shut down the internet. Just the wifi. No bug there.


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No need to turn off the wireless radios to do that. Use the following program to see what is connected where.

Helge Keck - WiFi Lite

You may find a better router, no doubt. But not a better consumer router (even at the inflated prices being asked for them now), particularly when paired with RMerlin firmware.


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As reported elsewhere Merlin software for this router has a fundamental problem that locks it up when you make a single change to the defaults.
Unless this software has a WiFi on/off capability there is no point in suggesting something that won't answer my question.
If I don't need to turn off the WiFi, as suggested then how do I measure the other devices signal strength when all have the same SSID? You can't.
That is why Asus and TP-Link both advise what I have done: they know what they are doing!
Please stop going off topic. Read the original question then base your answers on the question not on other persons responses that have absolutely nothing to do with the question.
Does your response answer the question or is it just mindless ramblings?

Fact: As reported elsewhere, making changes such as turning off the WiFi, requires a reboot in order to get the router working.

I know what is connected for I have connected it! What has that got to do with my question: nothing!
I have not asked for a better router! I am surprised that this apparently lacks functionality that comes as standard with the most basic of routers , thats's all.

I trust as no one has anything of merit to add that this router does not have an option or switch that I don't know about.

" Turning off the wireless radios with my AX58U does not shut down the internet."
I trust you mean that you also have to go through multiple setting changes, or just can't be bothered to explain how you do this simply.

I thought thus forum was to help people not make up your own itineraries!


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'Does your response answer the question or is it just mindless ramblings?' applies to what you post too.

Read your posts and mine again, you stated you wanted to know where things were connected to.

Fact? Who else has made those claims?

I am here to help where I can. On your part, you need to be prepared to use whatever help is offered.

Reset your router following the steps suggested below and see if your issues continue.

If they do, without having made customizations to the router, then post again.

Fully Reset Router and Network


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a little bit of poking around the web and i found how to do the antenna disabling:


i tested it on my own router. and yes, success, finally ! so i decided to setup some screenshots for all of you to make the process steps visual.
Hope this helps!

Wishing you ALL a happy new year and here's to a continued hibernation... until the pandemic subsides ... be SAFE going outside everyone! mask up!
A few more-decades of wifi gaming left for me.. until the pandemic subsides that is!

For 5GHz band:
Screenshot 2021-01-04 043308.jpg

For 2.4GHz band:
Screenshot 2021-01-04 043232.jpg
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Thanks to zero7ones for a straightforward response to a straightforward question.
This method also preserves the internet connection lost when following the previous recommendation I followed.
L&Ld take note: this is how to answer a question - with a factual response that resolves the issue asked! Simples!


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Waiting 52 days for an answer isn't how to do it.

No disrespect to @zero7ones at all; but your gratitude meter is off for months now.

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