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ASUS TUF-AX4200 wired ping spikes

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Im having random ping spikes (to 300ish values) to the my router. I tried different LAN ports in router and different cable but it did not solve the issue. In general, there is a spike every 15 minutes on average, but there are times when it happens much more frequently. I first thought it was due to the ISP, but I noticed that the ping server I made to my router and the ping I sent to the game server jumped at the same time. I bought the router in August and I have been experiencing this problem for the last 2.5 weeks. Could it be related with Windows? What can i try to solve this problem? Current version of the router: and the signature version is 2.376.

It looks like that when there is no spike and there is spike in PingPlotter:

I noticed this spike while playing FC 24 and the game was freezing for a second.
Welcome to the forums @riyad26.

Is it the game servers you're connecting to?

What ISP speeds do you get/pay for (both up/down)?

Can you try another game and/or another computer to verify either way?

What are the specs for the computer you're using? What connection rate does it show? What connection rate does the router show? Can you buy a new, quality, Cat5e cable to test further?

Have you rebooted the router (via the GUI)? Have you rebooted the computer you're using (not shutdown, Restart)?

When you bought the router, did you configure it by using an old backup config file from another router?

What other network traffic is on your network when you're seeing these spikes?

What router port are you using for the WAN? Try using another one.
I have similar latency spikes with another MediaTek-based router RT-AX59U, which is very similar to TUF-AX4200 in terms of hardware. I use the GeForce Now cloud gaming service and experience increased latency approximately every 8 to 10 minutes, which leads to GeForce Now dropping packets and, as a result, the stream becomes stuck for several seconds. Interestingly, this issue occurs when connecting both via WiFi and Ethernet, so the issue is not WiFi-related. If I plug in the cable modem directly to the PC, the problem goes away, and the streaming works flawlessly for hours, so this is definitely not ISP-related.

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