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ASUS ZenWiFi Pro XT12 / USB ports on QNAP NAS through Virtual USB

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Ola Malmstrom

Regular Contributor
Asus ZenWifi Pro XT12 doesn't have any USB ports. This makes it hard to run tools that needs the USB storage.

Would it be possible to put a USB stick into my QNAP NAS and use its VirtualHere USB server? I can't try it out at the moment since I'm far away from my NAS and can't try it...... However it would be nice to be able to run for instance Skynet installed through AMTM.

Would it be possible to put a USB stick into my QNAP NAS and use its VirtualHere USB server?
Apparently not because the router doesn't have the required usbip drivers compiled into the kernel.

Oct 10 17:20:37 VirtualHere Client: VirtualHere Client 5.5.5 starting (Compiled: Sep 25 2023 18:35:07)
Oct 10 17:20:37 VirtualHere Client: Client OS is Linux 4.1.52 aarch64
Oct 10 17:20:37 VirtualHere Client: Using config at /root/.vhui
Oct 10 17:20:37 VirtualHere Client: Error preloading client driver,

But in any case it would be more efficient if you could just mount a shared network directory (e.g. SMB or NFS) on your router rather than trying to emulate a USB drive.
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I've just checked Skynet and it won't install on a network drive, it has to be a local ext2/3/4 or FAT32 filesystem.
As it stands...
If you're suggesting that the script could be changed to include cifs filesystems, I tried that. It still doesn't work. It falls over when it tries to enable a swap file on the network drive. There were numerous other errors that I couldn't be bothered to investigate.
Yeah, the notion of swap on a network share is rather comical in its own right.

Apologies for commenting with no direct familiarity. Just figured something could be tweaked. Sounds like more than, say, converting a closet to a water closet, even.
Thank you Colin - you actually tried it! I thought it might be a usable workaround....

Makes me wonder why ASUS decided that there should be no USB ports on the XT12. Are there too few people using them? Too expensive to include? The XT12 are rather expensive.....

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