Asus Zen WiFi AX Review

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Just installed the ZenWiFi and here are a few of my takeaways.
  • Easy setup, just plug in both modules and connect one to your cable modem, download and open the Asus Router app and follow the steps to set up a network. Then unplug the second node and place it where you think it will give you the best coverage while paying attention to the color of the light on the front of the node (white light is best) and voila! You have a network.
  • Coverage, replacing an Asus AC 5300 with a AC 66U and AC 1900 in Access Point mode on a MoCa network covering a 4 story house (or trying to) with 1 Gb services from Xfinity (usually around 850 Mbps). Comparison chart:

  • Negatives, so far only the lack of a guest network.
  • Positives, in addition to the setup and coverage. Worth the price ($449), stable (for 2 days so far). Less hassle than my previous quirky setup.
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