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Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.12 is now available for AC models

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You are 100% right. I did turned off cleanbrowsing and it seems to work now ... I'll keep an eye over the weekend.
From what've read here they were supposed to work together.
The strange part is that the 5Ghz network is ok ... only the 2.4Ghz is loosing connection or says "No internet". I also reverted to 386.11 and now I am trying to understand if it was a DNS issue or is something wrong with the 2.4Ghz in the last version or both 😊
Thank you :)
If had unbound and customer DNS servers via DoT running now for some time and never had an issue with that. Only since 386.12 this 2.4 Ghz issues started, though my 2.4 Ghz wireless was never really good. Also, I had the impression that it was working with 386.12_2 but not with 386.12_4, but I did also not test that a lot.

In any case, somehow my AC88U does not seem to be a very stable device and/or the last firmware updates are partially causing issues.
Maybe it's time to flash the latest firmware available, perform a full reset to factory defaults, then, minimally and manually configure the router to secure it and connect to your ISP.
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