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AX86S Slow Wi-Fi 5 and 6

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  • Once again tried "Ethernet backhaul mode" hoping it will release wireless bandwidth for clients -> did not help
  • Once again tried turning off WPS -> did not help
  • Channel 60 seems to be fine, as well as 44, 48 and 52.
  • Channels > 108 just did not work (maybe expected)

Once again, read what settings do. Ethernet backhaul is completely unrelated, WPS as well, channels 52/60/108 all in DFS. Changing settings blindly won't give you any positive results. Some of the settings perhaps don't apply to any of your existing wireless clients. If you need "easy button" solution, get an Eero, Orbi, Deco 2-pack kit and follow the included single page quick setup.

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