Best Router for Packet Priortization


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I think enterprise level is more about traffic shaping than buffer bloat. Enterprise level is going to be multiple sites with different ways to configure these sites. Size of the sites will have an impact also.

As you buffer for an internet connection in a large network it starts to back up and slow the network down. You need to design your network with a high speed core and isolate as much as you can from this to keep the inside servers and local services running full speed.

When I referenced 10 gig I was thinking in terms of internet speeds changing and having to have a different kernel not enterprise. Are they going to have to support multiple kernels based on running 1 gig or 10 gig. I was also thinking Cisco has thought of this with PIE. And yes 10 gig is probably enterprise level. I did not mean to mislead you. There are different tiers of internet but now days it could be the better tiers are real high speed. Being retired I have not kept up.
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