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[Beta] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.12 Beta is now available

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Asuswrt-Merlin dev
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Asuswrt-Merlin 384.12 Beta is now available for all supported models. This is a fairly minor update, bringing a number of fixes and tweaks, as well as minor GPL updates.

June 16th: beta 2 is now available. Changes since beta 1:

5e4d494650 Migrate to the new dedicated domain name; update to the new fwupdate file structure
aad0216a8f Updated documentation
a9fb116f5c rc: further tweaks to ntpd handling on wanup()
bae3069e0a curl: update to 7.65.1
3dcb7c8ebf rc: remove unnecessary linking with libbcmcrypto
7711e8c535 rc: only start ddns and Openvpn in wan_up() if ntpd is set, with a small max wait period, and start both of these on the first ntpd sync event
eac9723ad5 openssl11: Revert the DEVRANDOM_WAIT feature
f2972c5a21 openssl11: issue-8998: Ensure that the alert is generated and reaches the remote
fbe9230036 openssl11: The SHA256 is not a mandatory digest for DSA.
4e91815532 rc: firewall: define VUPNP and PUPNP chains in default nat_rules
4520e3fe38 webui: fix Network Analysis symlinks location for RT-AC5300
5e8f5f302d rc: re-add variable to start_ovpn_*() funtions that is required
9166dd215a rc: reduce max wait for ntp sync on wanup from 51 to 26 secs
a11bc194f0 rc: openvpn: remove waits for ntp sync in openvpn code since wanup already does it before starting OpenVPN instances.
a34c408f6e netool: enable netool for the RT-AC87U - missing in 588ab6ea97 (closes #316)
6688a6d2ab Bumped revision to beta 2

The highlights of this release:

  • Merged GPL 384_45717 for non-AX models, with 382_51634/51636 binary blobs for the RT-AC87U and RT-AC3200.
  • Implemented support for WS Discovery. This allows Windows clients without SMBv1 support to discover your router's network shares.
  • Updated components: nano 4.2, OpenSSL-10x to 1.0.2s, OpenSSL11x to 1.1.1c, curl 7.65.1 and miniupnpd 20190604 snapshot.
  • Classification page now shows local clients by their names instead of their IP
  • Reworked handling of up/down events in OpenVPN, resolved a number of issues/limitations.
  • Added firewall to OpenVPN clients, which is enabled by default. This prevents remote servers from accessing your LAN through the VPN tunnel. If you have a site-to-site tunnel, or another setup where you are expecting inbound traffic to be sent to you through the tunnel then you can disable the firewall on the OpenVPN client page.
  • The router will now directly use the WAN-configured DNS for name resolution done on the router itself by default. The option is still configurable under Tools -> Other Settings for those who have a particular need that requires the former default behaviour. This matches how stock firmware works, and this change has zero impact on your LAN clients.
  • SSL certificates generated on the router will now use a random serial number, which might help browsers that don't like having different certificates with the same serial number but a different signature.
  • Network Analysis page on non-HND router now also use the Netool daemon, however they still use the original busybox version of traceroute (the newer version is not compatible with older uclibc versions)
  • Resolved IPv6 connectivity issues on the RT-AX88U (fix backported from other models)
Please review the changelog for the complete list of changes.

Please keep discussions in this thread on this specific beta release. Off-topic posts will be ignored, moved, or deleted based on my mood at the moment I see them.

Downloads are here.
Changelog is here.
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Known issues:

  • Network tools not working on RT-AC87U (Fixed in beta 2)
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Dirty flash on an 87U over the second A1. B1 doesn't have the problems that A2 had with network map. :)
Flashed over A2 to B1 no issues detected. Thanks. The RT-AC86U is running well. So is AMTM, Diversion, Skynet, and uidivstats. A2 was running for 7 days no issues prior to updating to B1.
Will the former dns_local nvram variable value be migrated to dns_local_cache or unset by 384.12?

Thanks for the USB Idle change.
Still doing dirty and running smooth....Thanks!
I'm not an expert on either of these things so this may be normal. If I select AUTO DFS channel setting for 5GHZ and have it at 40mhz my MacBook Air will not connect to the 5ghz channel. Change to 80mhz, will connect.
B2 using less RAM and CPU-load vs A1 and 2....coinsidence ?....
Will the former dns_local nvram variable value be migrated to dns_local_cache or unset by 384.12?

No, because if you had the default value, I want you on the new default value, and if you were not on the default value, then nothing will be changed as you will be on the same value.

web browsing slow with Extend the TTL value and spoof TTL value enabled on the Galaxy tab s2

You should only use that setting if your ISP requires it.
Flashed RT-AC88U over A2. No issues to report.
No, because if you had the default value, I want you on the new default value, and if you were not on the default value, then nothing will be changed as you will be on the same value.
Understood. Won’t both variables still be in nvram after the upgrade?
Hi, just installed this 384.12 beta version in my rt-ax88u after 16 days running flawlessly with 348.11_2.

- erp_monitor VSZ seems like being stable now, so the leak fix seems like working

- Unfortunately, the delay fix for the boot race condition with openvpn is not working. In fact it is making things worse. Now it takes 8 min for a wan connection to be established while stating 'wan cable unplugged'.. when it before took 1-2 mins maximum. And the previous version bypass of waiting in post_mount until time synchronized is also not working now (keeps waiting for all these minutes)

Also took the opportunity to configure DoT and works flawlessly.

Thanks again for your great work Merlin!
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