Broke Web GUI access


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Merlin 386.7_2 on RT AC66UB1

I set up an OpenVPN client on the router and wanted to restrict web GUI access to the VPN subnet (10.x.x.x/24).

I can't remember the exact page in the GUI, but it was a page to restrict Web GUI access, and I added a line "allow"
And applied,

Now I can't get to the web GUI from the local subnet (

Can anyone advise an ssh command that could add as an allowed subnet?

I'd rather not do a factory reset since I spent most of the day yesterday getting AIMesh nodes to actually connect.

Thanks for any help! I couldn't find any other threads, so I've done a new stupid thing.


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Disable and try again.
nvram set enable_acc_restriction=0
nvram commit
service restart_firewall

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