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Access offline devices list from Web UI

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How do you access a list of offline devices on the Web UI (other than grepping logs)?

I know that "offline" devices are stored somewhere on the device because the official ASUS mobile app "ASUS Router" has a section called Offline on the bottom of the Devices tab.

I found that data in /jffs/nmp_cl_json.js plus nvram custom_clientlist. The latter also lets you set "family members", something that's not available in the Web UI as well. AFAIK, the "family" features are missing from stock firmware and are probably not worth pushing. However, offline devices listing is something that would make sense to add if it's not yet there in some hidden corner of UI.

Using 3004.388.5 on RT-AX88U Pro if that makes a difference.
Is this what you looking for? Under LAN tab > DHCP Server > Manually Assign IP > Show Offline Client List ?

Nope, that prize goes to the port status requiring a mouseover, which I only discovered by accident one day (who would think to wave their pointer over an image to learn information, and more, who would consider that a good design?). Still can't figure out how to learn that information when visiting the router web page on my smart phone. Anybody know and willing to share?

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