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subnet of home LAN - did I overlook anything important?

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Network / LAN​

For hobby purpose, a web-server is run at home. To improve security the web-server is on a subnet seperate from pc’s and phones.

In the future IOT devices will be added to the guest wifi.

Subnet LAN into and​

Two routers: Router_A and router_B.


Router_A is gateway to internet.


LAN - DHCP Server: Manually assign IP for router_B.

Physically connect the routers. LAN port of router_A to WAN port of router_B.



Later I’ll add NAT on router_A for the web server.

The setup appears to work fine, but perhaps I've got some lesson to learn, that I didn't think about.
If you want to completely isolate Router A's subnet from Router B's LAN devices you could block access to on router B's firewall. Router B's LAN devices would still have access to the internet.
Thank you, I've checked right a way.
As far as I can tell, the router firewall, doesn't require blocking rules. I think it's blocks all on default.
There is no Merlin Wrt for this model.

You didn't say what routers you were using so I was speaking in general terms.

If Router B is an Asus router you can use its Network Services Filter to block access to the upstream network.

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