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Web proxy running locally on ASUS Router

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New Around Here

First of all, my knowledge about networks and routers is minimal. Perhaps the thread title isn't correct.
Let me try to explain what I need/want to do.

My company recently started blocking URL access using Windows Defender.
No matter where I am, access to those websites is blocked at the OS level.

I want to be able to navigate freely while at home.
Of course, there are tons of online web proxies out there that can hide the URL.
But I don't want to run into the issue of my favorite web proxy being blocked as well.

So, I thought that perhaps there's a solution where I can run my web proxy locally.

In other words, I want to access (example) and type the URL I want to access behind the proxy so I can navigate without being blocked.
Something like https://www.startpage.com/ or whatever.

Is there something like that out of the box? Or that requires a bit of step-by-step to make it work?
Or perhaps a clever solution that I'm not aware of?

Please explain to me if I were 8 years old (which I'm not, most of the time).

Thank you!!

Edit: I have an RT-AX88U router running asusmerlin and I have access to amtm and stuff.
If you're asking how to bypass a company-issued device, don't.

Use your personal computer for such. And configure it as you see fit.
Yeah, as well-liked as an employee may otherwise be, bypassing company security measures on a company computer (even at home and for personal use) may well earn a pink slip. Not worth it.

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