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Cannot connect to AiCloud on RT-AX56U on 388.2_2

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I have an RT-AX56U set up for remote access with a DDNS. Let's say the address is xxx.yyyy.com. I've set it up so that xxx.yyyy.com:3389 connects to my computer remotely, xxx.yyyy.com:8443 gets into the Web GUI. These work without issues. However, when trying to access xxx.yyyy.com:9443 which is what I set for AiCloud, the browser always gives me an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Chrome. I have tried both https:// and http:// but that made no difference. I have tried to check the log to see if the firewall is blocking it but I am not seeing anything relevant. Can someone help me with this? Locally I've tried and I'm getting the same error too.
Ask your ISP if they are blocking ports.
I don't believe so, it was working for the past few years. I changed it to quite a few different number of ports (including 3389 which is usually used for Remote Desktop and verified to work) but AiCloud refuses to work.
Don't use a port that is reserved.

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