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Can't connect to AiCloud 2.0 properly & Some other problems

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New Around Here
Here are the list of the problems I have right now:

- When I login through AiCloud Login page using admin account, the website refused to connect, but when I create a new account on General>USB Application>Servers Center, and login to that account, I can connect to the AiCloud Page

- Once I'm in the AiCloud Page, I can't seem to do anything. There are no folders or files. The UI seems to be missing too

What I have on the page:

Screenshot 2018-04-19 14.22.32.png
Screenshot 2018-04-19 14.22.32.png

What it suppose to look like

- I cannot connect to the AiCloud through the app from my iOS Device.

Noted: My router is RT-AC51U


  • Screenshot 2018-04-19 14.22.32.png
    Screenshot 2018-04-19 14.22.32.png
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