D-Link AX5400 WiFi6 router?

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Seems to be on a Prime day special. Have a very old R7000 router that is on its last legs and have been holding out for almost 2 years waiting for the next gen, which of course is muddied with WiFi 6E now. But curious, are D-Link routers pretty decent in terms of their usability/firmware, OpenVPN support?

Anyone using this router in particular?



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HM, was hoping for more info on this router. Seems to hit a nice sweet spot for price and performance, and further seems to support an aimesh-style mesh feature that allows for expansion down the line.


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Just an advice but the choice are yours:
1-Things are cheaper for a reason
2-D-Link is not a main router competitor, they are like the brand for the lower spectrum of the market
3-Wifi6E is new technology so dont be the beta tester
4-This router is new, so, as with all new product now days it will have issues.

It could be otherwise but you are on your own.

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