DHCP issue RT-AC5300

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I have an RT-AC5300 I think something is wrong with the DHCP server with it. So I notice when I connect my mac directly to the ethernet ports on the Asus RT-5300 it recieves an IP then in a few seconds it goes to no ip. Also if I connect to the wireless it only works if I enter the ip manually. DHCP never provides an IP. Why is this happening?


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Which Firmware are you using?
Did the AC5300 function properly before? If so try to reflash your firmware again. In the past I noticed that a power glitch could cause some instability which was easily solved by reflashing the firmware (and by once and for all adding a UPS to the equation) if your are not on 386.1.2 start using that firmware. Your AC5300 will love it. If this all does not work, start all over again with a clean slate (user L&LD has a nice line up of what to do to properly configure your router from scratch).

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